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responsive website development

one site for every screen size


I Believe that designing YOUR Website is a truly collaborative process and you should have a great deal of input into how you want it to be. it is, after all your site
and you should
be proud of it.

Initially, I will sit down with you and discuss extensively what you want to achieve from your website, whether that is to promote your business, provide information or generate sales.

We will discuss what you want it to look like, any colours or layouts you like, who your end user will be and what kind of user experience you want to create for your customers.

After I have gathered all of this information from you and gotten a feel for your business and what you want to achieve, I will then design the initial User Interface using Photoshop.

The next step is to then go through the design with you, explaining how each part of the layout will work when coded up and working in the browser.

We will keep at this process until you are completely satisfied with it.

Development Process

Here is the really fun part.

Taking those designs and making them come to life using the latest HTML and CSS standards.

Throughout this phase I will collaborate with you and let you see how many of the functions and features will work, to make sure you are happy with them.

At the end of this process I will give you a fully responsive website that you can be proud of.

Motion Graphics and animation
trailers and promo videos
title sequences
corporate and educational videos


Motion Graphics brings dynamics and life to static content and allows for better visualisation of your message and ideas

QR Codes Create an intersection
between your business and your customers on the move.

qr codes

Customised QR Codes are an incredibly powerful Mobile marketing tool.

Customised QR Codes Cornwall

benefits of a customised qr code

  • Enhance Visual Branding
  • Increase Click-Through Rates
  • Connect Consumers To Your Business
  • Deliver Targeted Information
  • Engage Customers On The Move
  • Easy To Use And Cost Effective

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About M

I Get The greatest Pleasure when
Your vision and my skills
create something that you are proud of.

The Back Story

My background has always been in computers. I studied programming and information systems at college but I always just preferred dismantling computers and rebuilding them.

When I opened a book on HTML and CSS, I just fell in love with it because I had finally found the perfect balance between my technical skills (left side of brain) and my passion for visual media (right side of brain) = happy brain!!!

Ever since, I have been constantly striving to improve my technical skills and keep on top of current website trends, protocols, SEO and social media marketing.

Motion Graphics for me is the ultimate dream job. I have always had a passion for visual media, photography and making short films. I stumbled across After Effects many years ago and my obsession with making things 'come alive' began.

I currently reside in Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom.


My Skills

  • HTML & CSS


  • Dreamweaver


  • Photoshop


  • Javascript


  • After Effects


  • Cinema 4d


  • Daz 3D


  • Talking


  • Coffee


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